LOVETOYA 2017 English Information

LOVETOYA2017_poster LOVETOYA 2017 Creative Life Festival 〜Harvest Moon〜   2(SAT) September 2017 OPEN 12:00 – CLOSE 22:30 3(SUN) September 2017 OPEN 10:00 – CLOSE 16:00   【Location Address】 Lake hill farm 127 Hanawa Toyako-cho Abuta-gun Hokkaido   【Ticket Information】 Event Tickets:free ※We request your cooperation with tips to event management support. Parking ticket:500 yen Parking and Campsite tiekt :1000yen ※Parking ticket comes with lottery ticket , Lottery ticket limited to 15:30 on September 2nd in 2017   【Presented by】 Lake hill farm   【Planning・Management by】 annc4 / MatatabiRecords / Machiegao / Sunlight Abilities   【Under the auspices by】 Toyako Onsen Tourist Association   【Supported by】 Tsuchiya Construction / Local Vitalization Cooperator TOYA / NPO organization  Ikimonoinc / Hokkaido Tourism Management / Ki Niseko / kids yoga -kiranah- / Yomogi clinic   【Sound and lighting】 HALOLA SOUND   【HP】 【Facebook】   【LINEUP】 Toya Marche_( Fresh vegetables in Toya) LOVETOYA Lottery(This lottery ticket limited to 3:30 pm on September 2nd in 2017) Village most sports Milk chug challenge championship YOGA&Erhu Ki Niseko Rodeo Machine Kids painting Ikimonoinc Talk Hot air balloon Clydesdale   【ARTIST】 Tike yawn Ko en Asaborake Genshi jin therapy Norte Cara Yoshinori Kikuzawa Hajime Totani Chikashitsu to Shanpan Moani Ke’ala Hula Circle BBOY TAKAYUKI Drums circle Sapporo KAZZ Takashi Toma Rinko Kemmy   【FOOD】 Hydune(Hamburger、Finger food、Alcohol & Soft drinks) kanal(Lemonade drinks、Baked sweets) heart drops(Gaprao , Chai , Old clothes , goods) Asian village(Green curry、Keema curry、Gaprao、Lassi、Beers) LOCO BASE(Belgian beer、Craft beer、Dark beer curry、Sandwich) Rakuda(Crepe , Beer , Soi chai) bar OLD(Alcohol & Soft drinks , Fusion foods) HappyHokkaidoKitcen(Fried raice、Asian foods) eye the World (Space jelly) SunAbi Shoten gai(Braille brand RIDORIS、Anma massage) Konabar Kobayashi yaki(Japanese pancake , Fried noodles , Oden) Vietnamese foods Chillinhdou(Vietnamese foods) Nanaironomori( Soft drinks , Snacks , Soft drinks , Handmade clothes , Fashion goods) Coto kitchen + Laneige(Fruits drinks , Baked sweets) Mobile catering Olha No.2(Organic pizzas , Organic drinks , Vegan ice cream) liko organic cafe(Organic shaved ice , Organic drinks , Sangria , Mojito , Herbs wine) Powers Green Truck(Kebab sandwich , Nachos Chips , shaved ice , Soft drinks) Klass Kitchen(Sliders , Taco , Fried potato , Fried chicken , Sweets , Beer , Soft drinks) DCUPcoffee(Coffee , Lemonade drinks , Sweets) Pizza Compare(Pizza , Waffle) Niseko Kushiya(Grilled chicken , Fried noodles , Strawberry)   【SHOP】 Kitakaze farm&Toya forms(Fresh vegetables in Toya) HOLIDAY MARKET TOYA(Original goods , Made in Japan goods , Imported goods) memhouse(Original goods , Made in Japan goods , Imported goods) Arcade Sakamoto(Board games space) Thai traditional mallet therapy Tok sen(Tok sen) Balloon art Shiorine(balloon art) Studio π(Glasswork) Konishi wood(Wood furniture of Hokkaido , Accessories) Gourd lamp ipu( Natural materials gourd lamps) RomioRi (Clothes , Accessories) Wood burning stove ECOGAIA(Wood burning stove) Leather shop Calm down(Bag , Purse , Accessories) Ishii shouten(Asia&Africa goods) Mintaru(Fair trade goods , Clothes , Accessories) Yumeyokocho(Clothes , goods) Healing space《Esalenwave Sapporo》(Esalen massage&bodyworks , Thirdmedicine check) Yutorino kukan HugRuu Yuruyuru Cranio tai(Craniosacral therapy) Niseko~Omoshiro BOX(Dyeing goods,Clothes , Accessories) Electromagnetic waves earting(Description of electromagnetic waves measures , goods) Niseko health salon EPIRIKA(Craniosacral therapy) Kaguwa(Head massage) Natural farm HAPPY SEED(Natural cultivation of vegetables , Proposal of Free seed , Handcraft…etc) Kawanishi Glass(Glasswork) Lien(Essential oils)   【LOVETOYA Rules & Regulations 】 ・Event admission is free,We request your cooperation with tips to event management support. Parking and campsite fee. ・The production, the site and the artists are not responsible for accidents and thefts in and out of the festival site.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ・Please avoid excess drinking. Those deemed to be drinking excessively or out of control may be ejected from the festival site.Parking passes tickets will not be refunded in this case. ・The festival will not be cancelled due to inclement weather (excluding natural disasters). Please carry and use foul weather gear during inclement weather. ・No outside food and drinks allowed. ・Smoking while walking, smoking in non-smoking areas and in crowds is not permitted. Please always use a portable ashtray when smoking. ・Do not park in restricted areas or private property or otherwise disturb the residents of surrounding areas. ・Animals, glass bottles, cans, fireworks, explosives and any illegal substances are not allowed into the festival site.